Who needs friends?

They’re needy, whiny and worst of all they’ll stab you in the back when you least expect it.

I’ve had so many friends in my life time. And they’re all such crybabies.

Wahh! I can’t use the phone on the cruise! Waaah! My phone is broken! Wahhh! I have an average sized dick.

All such crybabies. I’d be sick of it if it wasn’t for the fact as a human being I desire interacting with others.

I guess my friends aren’t that bad, but they could be better.

I’ve tried to replace some of them with different people but it never works out. They all have their own hoozpah.

What do I mean by hoozpah? They’re all so different and I love just watching their lives unfold especially when I can see bad things coming from a mile away.

Talking to my friends and hearing their stories is like watching a sitcom where I’m one of the side characters.

Some friends are boring like the show, Firefly. They deserve to be ended early.

Others are so entertaining, I wish I could just follow them around and see them go through their day.

I think I could get a long fine without friends though. I often dream of a solitary life away from everything but that’s a blog post for a different time.

Who needs friends? Not me.

But I do like  having them around. Some of them are worth the effort.

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