Casey Anthony, Not guilty?

I’m no lawyer. I’m not a police officer. I’m just a guy who looked up some facts online.

I’ve seen this case get a lot of media coverage. It was insane. Every time I turned on CNN, they would have some segment about the Casey Anthony trial.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, a little girl by the name of Caylee Anthony went missing in June of 2008. Her mother, Casey Anthony did not report this for 31 days. Casey’s mother reported the girl missing to the police. She then lied to the police about leaving her daughter with a nanny who had kidnapped her. The police found that the “nanny” had never met Casey, Caylee or anyone in Casey’s family.Casey Anthony was then charged with several crimes including first degree murder.

In December of 2008, Caylee’s body was found in the woods near the Anthony residence. The death was ruled a homicide. You can read more about this at wikipedia which is where I’m getting this info.

I think plenty of people convicted Casey Anthony after hearing some of the details of the case. She lied to the police, she didn’t report her daughter missing, and she partied it up.

People wanted this lady dead. Not many believed in “innocent until proven guilty”

She was facing the death penalty if she was convicted of this crime. She was charged with first degree murder. This means the prosecution must prove that Casey planned out her daughter’s death and then followed through with that plan.

The major problem with the case is they never linked Casey Anthony to the death of this girl. The girl’s death is still unconfirmed because of the decay of the body.

That’s why the jury found her not guilty of the charges. She probably had a hand in it, but it takes more than probably to send someone to death.

One thought on “Casey Anthony, Not guilty?

  1. Personal feelings aside, she has been found innocent, and that’s that. If she in truth did it, may she rot in hell.

    She had a good, very eqloquent attorney and they found the holes in the defense’s case. I also think that crazy bitch Nancy Grace just bit off her own tongue — the media has too much access and influence. It is 100% biased… the Nancy Garces of the world should be muzzled.

    There is a line that should not be crossed, but society seems to thrive on the drama and misery of others. Sadly, Caylee was forgotten in the rush to judgment.

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