No Talking or Laughing at the Church

My mother said this right as we left for Church today. I’m not a regular churchgoer, in fact I’m not religious at all. I haven’t been to it in 2 years. I only went this past Sunday because my cousins who I hadn’t seen in a long time would be there.

I’ll never understand the appeal of religion but that’s a topic for another day. I’m going to discuss what I observed while I was at the church.

So I got there and I sat on a stairwell waiting for my cousins to arrive. There are two churches in one building. I sat on the stairwell to one of them. I spoke with my brother.

Then this man came. He was visibly angry saying that we were blocking elderly people from using the stairwell. I told him we moved out of the way when people came.

He called me a troublemaker and that I had no respect for anyone. He asked me whether I worshiped up or down which I couldn’t answer because I worship nothing. He grew more angry as I remained calm and asked him what trouble have I caused.

He said this is why you people always get in trouble. He called me an idiot. Then he went inside.

A respectable Christian man.

My cousins arrived sporting pretty cool new hairstyles. We all sat down in the church.

My parent’s church is an environment not suited to hold a social gathering. You just sit there and listen to the pastor spew his beliefs about things. There’s singing but only when they want you to sing. If you don’t sing, you’re going get stared at.

If you don’t stand when they want you to stand, you’re going get stared at.

Nobody ever looks like they are enjoying themselves except my dad. (probably because he hates fun)

Some lady came up and spoke how she’s selling a book.

They had like two collections. Then they sold water bottles for ten dollars.

Is there a reason church can’t be an enjoyable experience? It’s so damn boring. There’s no reason any person should have sit through bible reading after bible reading. Hey Einstein. That book’s been the same for thousands of years! In fact I can read myself so why do I care what you have to say about it!

In short, churches need to do something new if they want the next generation to stay in. There’s been no point in my life that church hasn’t been a waste of time.

Make it enjoyable! Let it be an environment where opinions can be discussed instead of just listening to one guy just ramble about how if you donate 20 dollars, Jesus will pay you back sevenfold.

Make it place where each person can feel like they belong. The pastor said he acts the same way whether there is five people or five thousand. That’s part of the problem. Mix it up! Get interactive!

Also the giant picture of Jesus has got to go. We all know what the dude looks like (or what the white supremacy wants you to believe he looks like). Put up a picture of the church community instead.

Or you can continue for the next thousand years doing the same old while society moves forward.

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