Team Fortress 2: War Themed Hat Simulator

Back in 2007, a game was released. It had become quite a joke among the gaming community as it had been developed for nine years.

When it finally released, it was a breath of fresh air in the First Person Shooter genre, a genre that has lost all of its originality since the release of Team Fortress 2.

The game had personality and a unique art style that allowed it stand out against the many bland titles being released. Its premise was that in the 1960’s rival companies hired mercenaries to fight for them. These mercenaries accounted for the classes of the game, each viable in its own way.

Each class had a distinct purpose and could kill any other class. There was balance.

Valve, the creator of the company soon announced they would release new updates for free. These updates took months as the company looked at the problems plaguing the classes from completing their objective. They added new weapons that weren’t upgrades. They were sidegrades. Sometimes they were worse and sometimes they were better

Then one day, they decided during the update for two of their classes, the Sniper and the Spy, they would release hats and a drop system.

That update was the beginning of the end of Team Fortress 2 for me. I played the game for one thousand hours and ten hours. That’s a little over 42 days. I loved the game.

The team dynamic was fun. It was funny sometimes. Then the hats dropped. The community soon faced controversy as people used a third party program to idle to gain hats and weapons. Valve didn’t enjoy this and gave a free hat to everyone who didn’t use that program.

Cosmetics soon became the focus of the Team Fortress 2 promotion. You preorder a game, you get a hat. You click on a secret page on the website? You get a hat.

Valve added in a cash shop in order to make profit off of the hats. When I saw the cash shop, I knew my time in Team Fortress 2 would end soon. Cash Shops and Cosmetics were the thing I hated most about MMORPGS like Maplestory. Now I had them in one of my favorite games.

New Weapons soon appeared to promote other games. You gained them by preordering a game, finding them, or buying them in the cash shop. These weapons were not as well thought out as the weapons included in the class packs. They were broken or completely useless.

Hats gave advantages to people if they had complete weapon packs. The new updates ruined the gameplay. It wasn’t as fun anymore.

The breath of fresh air in the FPS Genre was now a model for many things wrong with the video game industry today. Now the game is free, but those who bought the game get premium features.

Nine years the game was in development and it only took them three years to set back all the work they had accomplished.

Goodbye Team Fortress 2. We had good times, but Valve decided that making shitty updates was a good idea


One thought on “Team Fortress 2: War Themed Hat Simulator

  1. the ‘new’ demoman in your picture does look fairly comical, ah well, I enjoy the game, I came upon it only in recent times, sometimes all the hats and silliness make me laugh, I enjoy that it doesn’t take itself as seriously as other FPS games.

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