Sony’s E3 Press Conference

I own a Playstation 3 so I have to watch the Sony Press Conference. Last year wasn’t too good, but this year I felt it was a bit stronger.

The presentation started with a Montage of games currently on the PS3 and PSP. Nothing too special

Sony then came out and apologized for PSN being down as many expected. They showcased Uncharted 3 next which looks very similar to the second one. They played it safe, not straying too far from the formula that led to the success of the second one. Uncharted is the only shooter series I still kinda like. I think it’s still pretty fresh but it’s become a cash cow so that won’t last for long.

Next there was a demo of Resistance 3 which seemed okay. I’m not a big fan of the series.

Playstation move was showcased next with games like NBA 2k 2012, and Dead Men’s Quest. I’m not going to buy a Playstation Move. I don’t support the current trend towards motion gaming.

There was a Starhawk trailer shown and a trailer for a new Sly Cooper, Sly Cooper: Thieves in time.

New Bioshock came on next and I thought it looked better than most shooters on the market today. It has visuals that are different than the brown and bloom evident in shooters today. Though the motion sensing dick sucking that came on next, pissed me off.

A person working on Bioshock said he was called into an office by Sony for badmouthing motion controls. He then said they changed his mind about motion controls because they make his story more accessible to nongamers.

Saints Row 3 was shown as well as a new Star Trek game. SSX will return and tehre will be a New Need for Speed game.  Battlefield 3 for Playstation 3 will be bundled with an older Battlefield game. None of this interested me

Playstation Vita was officially debuted with several games for it including Uncharted, Street Fighter X Tekken, and some crap. The price for the Wifi Version was 250 dollars. There will be a 3G version available for people with AT&T for 300 dollars and it comes with a data plan.

E3 Grade: B-

What I liked: PS Vita’s price, Uncharted 3, variety of game genres shown

What I didn’t like: Motion sensing dick sucking. 3D pushing. No Ape Escape 4!! Uncharted franchise getting milked

Overall Impressions: I see that Sony is trying to push 3D and motion sensing. I think they’re useless gimmicks but there’s money in it. I wasn’t bored like I was during Microsoft’s. Not many games I was interested in. I like Uncharted but I think they are pushing them out too fast. They may run out of ideas.

The lack of another Ape Escape greatly disturbed me. They also didn’t announce any new PSP games so I guess the system is done. It was alright. Not great. I wasn’t excited after watching it. PS Vita looks alright.

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