Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference

I don’t own an Xbox 360, but I always watch Microsoft’s press conference to see if it is worth buying. They have never impressed me before. I went in this year with low expectations and they were failed to meet them.

The presentation started with a preview of the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. This will probably be the biggest game of the year for the industry. It showed some diving and placing of explosives then some basic shooting on the boat.

I haven’t played Call of Duty since the first Modern Warfare and I barely played that at all. This looked the exact same to me. I didn’t find it impressive and I was quite bored watching the game. If you’re a Call of Duty Fan then you’ll probably end up buying it. If not, this doesn’t look like it’s for you.

I missed some of the presentation because it got really boring so I went to go eat Lunch. I hear Mass Effect 3 was showcased. I don’t know much about that franchise as I have never played it.

The next thing I saw was a new Tom Clancy Ghost Recon game. I realized that this generation of consoles has way too many shooters and they’re all very similar. This was a third person shooter yet it shared the same visuals as Call of Duty so it’s clearly being marketed toward the same crowd.

They showed a Kinect feature for this game that was interesting. You could customize your gun using your voice and motion sensing. I’m not a big fan of motion controls so it didn’t appeal to me. I’ve never seen a game that motion sensing made better.

Next Microsoft spoke about how Xbox live is about more than games. They were going to be adding bing and youtube to Xbox live as well as Minecraft.

Kinect games were featured and they looked terrible. Holy shit. I have never seen shittier games in my life. From the Disneyland Adventure game with the horrible child actors to the Star Wars game, these game were fucking terrible. None of them were good at all. If you own an xbox 360 and don’t like Kinect, sell it. Microsoft doesn’t care about you.

The Star Wars game saddened me because I realized there will never be a new Jedi Knight game.

Gears of War 3 was shown. It seemed similar to the earlier games. It was another shooter so I was bored. Ice-T came out and that was kinda cool.

Halo 4 was their ending game. They showed a small trailer of Master Chief waking up. They also announced that it was the first in a part of a new trilogy on the 360. So if you like Halo, You’ve got 4 new games to get in the future as they announced a remake of Halo 1 due out this November.

E3 Grade: F Minus (See me after class)

What I liked: Nothing

What I didn’t like: Everything. It was bad. I wouldn’t sit through it again. I’m saddened that people were cheering in the crowd for the Kinect garbage. Microsoft milks it franchises until they bleed. We’re on Gears of War 3, Fable 4, and Halo 4 with two more follow ups guaranteed. When are people going to get tired of the same old shit?

I know Kinect is new but it’s also shit. Is it that hard to make good games? I guess when your core market would rather play the same game over and over, there’s no point.

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