There’s a new Looney Tunes show

There’s a lot wrong with it! For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, you can take a look at a clip here of Elmer Fudd singing about grilled cheese.

What happened? Why is Elmer Fudd singing about how much he wants grilled cheese? I’m not sure what Cartoon Network was thinking with this one.

That clip is just a small part of this show. The premise behind this new show is Bugs and Daffy have moved into a house together and now live in a city in modern times. They meet old faces like Porky Pig and Yosemite Sam.

There’s a lot wrong with this show. I think the biggest problem is the departure from Looney Tunes slapstick humor. The humor in it is sitcomlike.

Here’s an episode. Daffy is rejected from a country club. He pretends to be someone else and he brings Bugs in. The two of them play tennis until Lola walks in. She and Bugs go on a date. Bugs realizes she’s annoying and the relationship must end.

I can sort of appreciate them trying new things with these characters, but this feels like they just shoehorned Bugs and Daffy to make a profit off of sitcom stories. I don’t think anyone watched the original Looney Tunes for the kind of humor in this show.

They should have used different characters. I expect Elmer Fudd to be trying to get the wabbit , not gwilled cheese. When I think Looney Tunes, I think anvils, ducks getting shot, and witty dialogue.

The world is also so very calm. In the old shows, it was anything but that. All the characters lived in this chaotic world where they just tore each other a part and I loved it.  I don’t see how somebody watched those cartoons and made the episodes that they have made.

That is scary.

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