Speech from an “Honorable” Man

People say you must have honor in life. What is honor though?

Honor can be defined as distinction, approval, respect

and perhaps as a promise

that one makes to themselves or to others.

It is said that you must honor your marriage vows

The truth is nobody really knows what honor is.

For all you know, I could be honor.

I respect my identity

and my unblemished work

People approve the direction my life is taking

and the success that comes my way.

Nothing in this world can

shatter this will of determination and diligence that I’ve created. All the distinctions

that I have earned, are online, preserved

for future generations to see. I know

my future is as bright as a lit match in a dim cave. Or  even the surface of the Sun.

Nothing will ever be enough for me. I want fame and fortune. Honor

is not enough to satisfy the greed

that coats the insides of my heart. I crave. I desire. I want.

With each of its beats, I feel my desires flow

into my veins. They motivate me to expand

the depth of my honor. Even an honorable man

like myself is fueled by greed at times

Honor and Greed seem to be opposites in our society.

The truth is Greed and Honor are not mutually exclusive.

There is honor among thieves after all. Greed is something that we are born with

and must deal with before it consumes us.

Nobody is born with honor. You have to earn it,

but unlike other things in life, you can cultivate

your own honor until it is enough.

to save the world, except the honor will

only be yours because you define it

and desire it.


Honor is nothing more than a word.

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