(If you don’t like professional wrestling please proceed to another blog post.)

There is plenty wrong with professional wrestling today. Ratings are down, old superstars are retiring, and John Cena is champion. But why? Why is professional wrestling stuck in a slump? Why is John Cena champion?

I’m a simple consumer who sees the problems in today’s program. And I’m going to point them out because analyzing is what I do best!

ILMSW: Entry 2 (State of Monday Night RAW)

What’s Wrong With It?

  • RAW has a very distinct lack of faces. The show is disjointed because of this. Last night’s RAW showed this. In the opening segment we had Rey Mysterio, Del Rio, Miz, and R-Truth come down. 1 face (Rey) and three heels. There’s only two major faces for the many heels on RAW. So many people are left without direction on the show.
  • Dolph Ziggler is one of these victims. He is wrestling matches against people but there is no storyline purpose to his actions. The audience has no reason to connect with him other than the fact he is announced by Vickie Guerrero. He’s lost all his identity. I can’t tell if it is part of a story or not.
  • Michael Cole’s storyline has gone on far longer than it should have. Bad guys get their comeuppance. He’s going to get his but there was no reason for it to have taken so long. He’s been a major part of RAW for about four months now. There’s nothing fresh. It’s the same old thing. WWE should have ended it earlier
  • The Miz is boring.
  • Alex Riley wrestled.
  • CM Punk didn’t do anything.
  • The New Nexus is still around. They have no purpose other than to get beat up and sell Nexus shirts.
  • John Morrison was recently injured and that hurt his program against R-truth. Truth has to focus on Rey for the next month while Morrison heals up. This leaves Del Rio with nothing to do.

What’s Right With It?

  • The triple threat match was good. Everyone looked good coming out of it.

What Should They Do?

  • Between Miz, Del Rio, and Truth, somebody has got to go to Smackdown.
  • Either move a face to RAW or build up Kofi Kingston more. There’s a big gap between Kofi Kingston and Rey Mysterio in terms of importance now. Fixing that gap could help RAW be a better show.

I know the WWE won’t read this, but I like writing about wrestling. It’s fun.

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