Oh how I hate tipping…

So today I went to a restaurant and I ate with my friends. Mastoris! Delicious!

Then we get to the bill. And how I always hate this part.

They look at the check and go “Oh Alright. 52 dollars? plus tip we’ll make it 60″

And they expected me to pay 12 dollars. My meal was 10.50.

Some who read this may say ” What’s the problem? It’s only 1.50″

The problem isn’t because I didn’t have the money. The problem comes from the fact I was forced to pay more for a meal that is advertised as 10.50.

I don’t like doing things that I don’t want to do. I hate how people have this custom of paying money because waiters deserve it more. I don’t tip my doctor. I don’t tip my dentist. I don’t even buy my parents birthday presents.

Yet I’m forced to pay more money, because somehow the waiter deserves it? I’m not sure how this became customary, but it’s irrational thinking. An average waiter should get no tip. You did your job. Good.

Am I being selfish? I guess. But should a person be expected to pay more just because society says it’s the right thing to do?

Other countries don’t tip. And neither will I. It’ll be awkward with my friends, but I will stand by my beliefs.

Tipping is not something that should be forced on someone. People say that your food will be spit on if you don’t tip. That’s like a mob boss saying he’ll break your legs if you don’t pay him.

That’s not right.

From now I want to feel good when I leave a tip. Not like there’s a gun pointed to my head.

Here’s a good article about this sort of thing


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